Futon, Onsen, and Dinner in Japan

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Ryokans in Japan

A Typical Ryokan Room
Futon, onsen, and dinner are the three reasons I choose to stay at ryokan over other lodging facilities. Usually at ryokan, you get to sleep in a tatami room in futon.

Since I usually sleep on a bed at home, it is a great feeling to kind of return to my Japanese roots and sleep in a futon. Futon at ryokan are usually the best of the kind and incredibly comfortable. You will sleep like an angel, Japanese style.

A ryokan always has a shared bath, which is often an onsen instead of a regular sento (just heated water). A dip in the onsen and then a glass of milk after words is the way to spend an hour before bed, Japanese style at a ryokan. Very relaxing in your yukata and your pleasure increases when you return to your room and your futon is neatly made for you.

Dinner is usually AMAZING at a ryokan too. Local produce is usually used to make the best food and you will be able to eat the local specialties.

A ryokan favorite is the "funamori", sashimi luxuriously mounted on a miniature ship made of wood. Dinner is especially fun if it is served in your room. A worker in kimono will bring you your food in your room. Truly a feeling of being a King!

During your visit to Japan, definitely stay at a ryokan at least for one night. 

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