Terms of Use

"Company name" (I say "us" as follows.) running "site excellent" (I say "this site" as follows) Co., Ltd. determines the basic Terms of Use (I say "this agreement" as follows.) about this site as follows.

Application of the Article 1 book agreement

This agreement is applied about us and all relations with the member with the thing which established the matter which you should observe when the member who fixes it for a next article uses this site.

Article 2 member

I propose the registration to this site by our predetermined method after consent in this agreement based on our procedure to appoint with "the member" in 1) book agreement, and it is said in the people who approved this us.

When I take that 2) we approve it as a member as inappropriateness, I may not accept registration. In addition, I cancel approval even if after approval and may cross the registration.

I forbid it the member whom it has been already registered 3) with repeats, and to propose the registration of the member.

4) we shall be able to revise this agreement without the notice for the member. In addition, this revised agreement shall be applied for all members before revision regardless of afterward. About this revised agreement, it shall be announced in this site.

Article 3 ID

1) member shall use an e-mail address enrolling in us and a password (I put it together as follows and say "ID".) on using the service that we provide.

I shall take responsibility for use such as the ID and management by oneself, and 2) members disclose it to a third party and shall not have to let you use it. Whether member oneself performed the act concerned about all acts to suffer from the service that we which were made by ID of the self provide and the result or the member shall take responsibility to the with or without a fault of member oneself by oneself.

When there is theft such as the ID or a lapse of memory or when it becomes clear that ID is used for a third party, 3) members report so to us promptly and shall follow the instructions from us.

4) members cannot have plural ID. We may cross the registration of the member concerned by any chance when one member repeats and performs a sign-in, and it is recognized that I have plural ID.

When 5) members damage third party concerned or us by having used the ID of the third party illegally, the member shall compensate third party concerned or us for the damage that occurred because of the abuse concerned.

Giving and receiving of the information between Article 6 members

About giving and receiving of information made between members through 1) book site and the act that they accompany it, and are performed, we shall not take responsibility at all.

When we, other members or a third party suffer damage about giving and receiving of information made between members through 2) book sites by a lot of information concerned having been infected with a virus, the member who placed the information concerned shall compensate it for the damage. In addition, we shall not take responsibility for a member or a third party about the damage concerned at all.

Reversion of the Article 7 right

Intellectual property rights (the copyright, design right, patent right, utility model right, a trademark, know-how is included, but is not limited to these) about the information that 1) we place in this site, other rights shall belong all to us or other copyright holders unless there is fate of 特段, and, as for the member, any information that I obtained through the use of this site cannot do the use except the method that we appoint unless we approved it.

When intellectual property rights (the copyright, design right, patent right, utility model right, a trademark, know-how is included, but is not limited to these) occur, I am free, and, on service to offer through 2) book sites or this site, all the rights concerned shall be transferred to us by the contents which a member posted. In addition, I do it if similar about the illustration which a member applied for for an offer to perform through the service that we provide through this site or this site, a catch copy, a plan, other contents.

I shall include Copyright Act Article 27, an Article 28 predetermined right in the copyright of 3) foregoing paragraphs.

4) members shall not use author's personal rights (the publication right, the full name indication right, the identity maintenance right) for the third party who they acquire a right fairly from us and us or received the permission to use right fairly.
In addition, approve it beforehand because the information in this site can be published as a publication and a publication to a newspaper, a magazine. But there cannot be the thing showing it without the prior consent of the member about the personal information including the name or address from the viewpoint of personal information protection and privacy protection. Specifically, give me をご 覧 about "the handling of the personal information in this site".

It is dispatch the tray of the Article 8 E-mail

When we and the tray of the E-mail send it as a member, 1) member shall use the e-mail address where is the same as the e-mail address that enrolled in us.

Even if as a result of they receive it in an e-mail address unlike the e-mail address where 2) members enrolled in us, and having sent it, a disadvantage, the damage occur to the member concerned, we shall not take responsibility to the.

We choose it and, about the information in the E-mail 3) we place it on a site or to send to a member, shall be able to be decided.

When I reply to the E-mail from 4) us, I shall reply by our designated method.

Even if they are disadvantageous to the member concerned, and the damage occurs when I reply by a method unlike our 5) designated method, we shall not take responsibility to the.

About the mention contents of the text of the E-mail to send as 6) members, it shall be based on responsibility of a member.

Advertisements such as Article 9 products

It is made based on a document provided by the sale such as products, the offer company about the advertisements such as products, and we shall take responsibility to no about advertisement mention contents, and the member shall approve this beforehand.
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