(Q) I forgot my password.
(A) I transmit a new password to the registered e-mail address if "I forget a password".

(Q) Is the change of the password possible?
(A) A change is possible from the password setting of the setting change.

(Q) I forgot my login ID.
(A) Please refer to a manager.


(Q) An article cannot upload an image.
(A) The image that upload is possible has a limit in capacity, a form.
[file format] jpg/gif
[capacity restrictions] less than 10MB (include text information) per 1 contribution

(Q) Even if the same person watches the number of the access of the blog how many times, will you increase?
(A) The counts do not increase even if they read the same article how many times, but counts come to increase when they display a different article of the blog.


(Q) I want to register my friend.
(A) I perform a friend request from the member profile page wanting to become my friend, and it is with my friend if approved by a partner.


(Q) Which timing will the footprint be turned on in?
(A) When I read blog, a profile first, I arrive.
(Q) Will the number of indication of the footprint include the limit?
(A) The footprint is displayed to up to 100 cases.


(Q) Please teach a withdrawal method.
(A) I can resign from the setting change page. Community becoming all data, honor that I contributed when I resign is deleted.

Mobile site

(Q) The email of the sign-in does not arrive.
(A) A reason such as using unwanted e-mail measures service of a mobile phone carrier using the domain designated reception is thought about.
(Q) I want to see a mobile site.
(A) I can look in a PC site and the same URL. Please use the QR cord of the top page.

(Q) Mobile simple login setting is not possible.
(A) By the simple login setting of the mobile site
"Simple login is not available at the terminal of ※ you which was not able to acquire peculiar information to distinguish a cell-phone"
という indication is considered to be it and confirms the setting of the cell-phone that it may be when the setting of the cell-phone "does not notify you of a manufacturing number" when simple login is not available, and I change it for setting "to notify of a manufacturing number", and please use it.

(Q) The email contribution with the image is not reflected.
(A) Please confirm whether a text message address of the use is registered.
I can register by a setting change.

Recommended use environment

(Q) What is the PC browser to recommend?
(A) Please use the most recent version of Internet Explorer/Firefox/Safari/Google Chrome.

(Q) Handheld unit to recommend
(A) I recommend a 3G terminal of docomo au Softbank.