Philippines To Send Robbery Suspects To Japan On Feb. 7

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The Philippines is expected to repatriate at least two of four Japanese detainees believed to be involved in a string of robberies across Japan as early as Tuesday, investigative sources said Sunday.

The remaining two, including Yuki Watanabe, 38, considered a leader in a fraud group, could also be sent to Japan at the same time depending on the outcome of their criminal trials held Monday, the sources said.

The criminal lawsuits they are facing are unrelated to the robberies in Japan and have hampered the deportation process.

The judge in charge of the case said Monday that a decision would be made Tuesday morning on whether to dismiss local charges pending against Watanabe and Tomonobu Kojima, 45.

Japan has sought the transfer of all four Japanese suspects after police obtained arrest warrants on suspicion of theft in connection with a scam targeting elderly people in the country.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department will dispatch around 15 investigators to the Philippines as early as Monday, the sources said.

Having been cleared of local charges, the two suspects set to be deported to Japan are Kiyoto Imamura and Toshiya Fujita, both 38.

The four suspects likely include among them the person -- or persons -- thought to have masterminded several robberies in Japan under the pseudonyms "Luffy" and "Kim" since last year.

They have also allegedly stolen more than 6 billion yen ($46 million) in scams, targeting elderly people in Japan, according to police.

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