Japan Rips Toilet Paper Hoarding Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

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Japanese officials are panning claims consumers should stockpile toilet paper amid the country’s coronavirus outbreak.

Ministry officials rebuffed rumors Friday asserting an upsurge in face mask production will lead to a shortage of toilet paper material, NHK reported.

The appeal for calm came amid a run on toilet paper that has emptied store shelves.

A domestic association of paper manufacturers reportedly said masks and toilet paper are not made from the same material.

Officials also denied online reports claiming most of the toilet paper sold in Japan is imported from China, where the new coronavirus originated and where the government’s attempts to contain it have hampered trade.

Coronavirus outbreak worldwide
Japanese makers assured consumers Friday they had ample inventories amid uninterrupted production.

Some 97% of Japan’s toilet paper rolls are made domestically, officials reportedly said.

Any shortages at stores were caused by buyers hoarding the product unnecessarily, so consumers shouldn’t be alarmed, NHK reported.

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