Footage Of Kawasaki Knife Attack Recorded By School Bus Dashcam

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YOKOHAMA - Footage of a recent mass stabbing attack in Kawasaki that left a schoolgirl and a man dead and more than a dozen others injured has been recovered from a school bus dashcam, police said Thursday.

The video shows the assailant, Ryuichi Iwasaki, 51, approaching a group of Caritas Elementary School students from behind as they waited for their school bus. It also captured the attack and its aftermath, the police said.

Iwasaki, who later died of self-inflicted wounds to his neck, wielded two 30-centimeter-long knives in the assault that occurred Tuesday in the city near Tokyo.

He wore gloves on his hands in an apparent attempt to prevent the knives from slipping.

Police found two smaller knives in a backpack left at the scene and four empty knife boxes at his home in Kawasaki on Wednesday, they said.
Hanako Kuribayashi, an 11-year-old student, and Foreign Ministry official Satoshi Oyama, the 39-year-old father of an unharmed Caritas Elementary School pupil, were killed in the knife attack around 7:40 a.m. Tuesday.

Seventeen others, mostly children but also a woman who is the mother of a Caritas Elementary School student, were also injured in the incident.
The police said Kuribayashi was stabbed in the neck and Oyama sustained a deep stab wound that pierced his heart. Other victims also sustained upper-body wounds.

Oyama was a Burmese expert who served as an interpreter for former Emperor Akihito and former Empress Michiko when they met with then Myanmar President Thein Sein in 2013 and 2015.

The imperial couple sent their condolences to Oyama's family through the Foreign Ministry, and the Imperial Household Agency said the two, who retired last month, are deeply saddened by the incident.

Caritas Elementary School remains closed in the wake of the attack, while a girls' junior and senior high school run by the same operator reopened Thursday after keeping its gates shut the day before.

Police officers and school officials stood watch as children arrived at the reopened school, many escorted by their parents.

National Police Agency Commissioner General Shunichi Kuryu called the incident "extremely malicious" in a press conference Thursday and said the police as well as government ministries and agencies concerned aim to beef up safety measures for children.

"We will work with municipalities, schools and parents to reinspect the places in which children gather on their way to and from schools," he said, adding police will increase patrols.



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