Need Someone To Watch Your Cat While You’re Away? Try The New Japanese Cat-Lover’s Site Nyatching

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Not only is it a community of pet-sitters, but it’s a community of cat lovers, too!

It’s an absolute joy owning cat, thanks to their unlimited cuddles, hilarious antics, and adorable cries (completely ignoring their tendency for destruction, of course). Cat owners love their furbabies so much that finding the right person to take care of them when they go on vacation can be a challenge. But now cat-parents in Japan don’t have to worry about that, thanks to a new service called Nyatching.

Nyatching is like a friendship matching service for cat lovers. Not only can you find someone reliable who is willing to watch your cat for you while you’re on vacation, but you can also use the service to find and befriend other cat owners in your local area! The goal is to build a warm community of cat lovers that can help each other out, whether that’s for pet-sitting, getting advice about raising cats, or helping to find lost cats. Three kinds of people can use the service: those who own cats, those who don’t own cats but like them, and professional pet-sitters.

▼ Just three simple steps to find a cat sitter


For cat owners, it’s easy to get started. First, you have to create an account and a profile for your cat, including what type of cat it is, how old it is, and what its personality and lifestyle are like. Then you can get matched up with sitters in your neighborhood whose profile matches your cat’s, and you can choose to meet them to make sure they’re right for you.

Once you find someone appropriate, you can send messages back and forth within the service, and if you like them, you can add them to your list of friends. In that way, you can continue to help each other out!

▼ The company representative, Chelsea, a three-year-old Norwegian forest cat from Fukuoka


What’s more, the company operating the service, nyans, has made efforts to ensure the safety and security of the service. When anyone registers on the site, they’re required to prove their identity with Nyatching’s administrators, and the professional pet sitters have to submit their credentials as well, so you don’t have to worry about the credibility of the people on the site. Plus, if you sign up for the Premium Plan, you can also get pet sitting insurance, and there’s an advice number that sitters can call, should anything happen to your cat while you’re on vacation.

But even if you don’t or can’t own a cat, but you wish you could, you can still join the site! You’ll be able to make friends with people who do, as well as enjoy the photos that cat owners upload to their pet’s profiles. The site is also working towards a system where non-cat owners can also apply to be pet sitters, so you could even get the chance to watch someone’s cat for them!

Note that the service only has Japanese-language accessibility, but with its convenience and security, and its mission of creating a warm community for cat lovers, Nyatching is sure to be a great resource for cat owners in Japan. Sign up on their home page if you’re interested!


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