JTB Issuing Travel Coupons To Encourage Domestic Travel In Japan

  • Category:Tourism

Managing Executive Officer Eijiro Yamakita, who will become the new chief executive officer for JTB Corp. on June 30, sat down with the Yomiuri Shimbun on Friday and revealed that the company will issue about 20,000 coupons to encourage domestic travel.

Distribution of the travel coupons started on Friday as travel restrictions, which were set in place because of the coronavirus, are being lifted. JTB has partnered with about 3,800 ryokan Japanese-style inns and hotels, offering up to a ¥5,000 discount if a guest stays at least one night.

“It’s vital to preserve the infrastructure of the tourism industry,” said Yamakita, and indicated plans to actively support stimulating regional economies.

As the government plans to begin its campaign to boost tourism in early August, JTB will work with regional tourism associations to prevent the coronavirus from spreading and set up and promote tours for guests to experience traditional industries and culture.


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