Commemorative Coins To Mark Enthronement

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The government decided at a Cabinet meeting Friday to issue coins to commemorate the enthronement of the Emperor. A total of 50,000 gold coins with a face value of ¥10,000 and 5 million copper coins with a face value of ¥500 will be minted.

Of the gold coins, 20,000 will be sold for ¥140,555 each, including tax. The remaining 30,000 gold coins will be offered as a set with a copper coin, each priced at ¥142,593.

Applications for the purchase will be accepted online or by postcard for about three weeks from July 11.

The remaining 4.97 million copper coins will be sold in October at financial institutions throughout the nation at face value.

The front of the gold coin depicts a phoenix powerfully spreading its wings. The Takamikura Imperial throne — where the Emperor will proclaim his enthronement during the Sokuirei-Seiden-no-gi ceremony on Oct. 22 — is depicted on the front of the ¥500 coin.


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