The Japanese Air Force One is up for sale for a cool $28 million

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·  A Boeing 747-400 used as Japan’s Air Force One was recently listed for sale on aviation website Controller.
·  It’s no normal 747, though – the jumbo jet is outfitted with an incredible assortment of VIP features, like a bedroom, a shower, and an office.
·  Take a look below for a photo tour of the $28 million jet.
If you’re one of the very few people in the market for a private, VIP-configured jumbo jet, now might be your time to buy.

That’s because an incredibly unique plane is available for sale – the plane that, until recently, served as Japan’s Air Force One.

The Boeing 747-400 jet is available for sale on aviation website Controller for $28 million. According to CNN, the plane has flown Japanese Prime Ministers, the country’s emperor, and other VIPs around the world.


The Boeing 747 has been altered to include luxurious features like a bedroom, an office, a lounge area, and even a shower.

In addition to the luxurious areas for the primary passenger, the plane is outfitted with banks of business class and economy style seats, although it has a much lower capacity than most 747s – it seats just 85 people, while commercial 747-400s are configured to carry anywhere from about 416 in a typical three-class layout, to more than 650 passengers in a dense all-economy setup.


Although the plane was built in 1991, it’s seen relatively little flying time, with just 16,332 flight hours recorded, according to the listing.

According to the Japanese Air Self Defense Forces, two versions of the planes existed – one served as a spare. Both were retired and replaced with Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. According to Planespotters.net, the jet that’s for sale was transferred to US-based CSDS Aircraft Sales and Leasing in July.

Take a look below for photos of the rare and luxurious Japanese Air Force One that’s available for sale.



The plane was originally built in 1991. But it’s no ordinary 747.

It can only carry 85 passengers, compared to the 416 that a normal 747-400 could carry in a three-class configuration.


The plane is available for “just” $28 million, so if you’re in the market, now is the time to buy! Check out Controller to see the listing.


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