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All Nippon Airways plans to allow its employees to sign employment contracts with other companies due to a downturn in earnings caused by the novel coronavirus.

The company already allows employees to engage in side jobs such as tutoring and other private businesses. As it plans to cut salaries, however, ANA will greatly expand the scope of these jobs to make it easier for employees to supplement their income from other companies.

ANA intends to allow employees to take on side jobs that requires an employment contract, such as part-time work. About 15,000 employees, including pilots and flight attendants, will be allowed to use the program.

The company has already explained the plan to the labor union. Whether it will be introduced will be decided after labor-management consultations.

ANA Holdings, ANA’s parent company, hopes to expand this measure beyond ANA to cover 48,000 people at its 65 group companies.
ANA has drastically cut salaries for executive and managers. It indicated to the union this month that it


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