Springtime Carpets of Yellow Flowers in Miyagi Prefecture

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1. The Narcissus Fields of the Miyagi Zaō Eboshi Resort

Best viewing: Late April to mid-May

Located partway up the slopes of Ushiroeboshi-dake, a peak in the Zaō Mountains spanning Miyagi and Yamagata Prefectures, is Miyagi Zaō Eboshi Resort, renowned for its expansive ski runs and featherweight powder snow. Come the spring, however, the mantle of white is replaced by some 550,000 narcissus blossoms.

Viewed from the bottom of the slopes, there are yellow flowers as far as the eye can see, giving visitors an eyeful of floral beauty to match their refreshing scent. There are some 30 varieties of narcissus in bloom here in all, including King Alfreds and Garden Giants.

The Miyagi Zaō Eboshi Narcissus Festival takes place in 2019 from April 19 through mid-May. The resort will be running its aerial ropeway during that time, giving visitors the opportunity to take in the whole of the narcissus fields while strolling through the clouds above. Additionally, there are two communal baths just 10 minutes’ drive from the resort, at the Tōgatta Hot Springs—perfect for taking a load off after savoring the flowers.
  • Address: Tōgatta-Onsen, Zaō, Miyagi Prefecture
  • Access: 40 min. drive from JR Shiroishi-Zaō Station
  • Tel.: 0224-34-4001 (Miyagi Zaō Eboshi Resort)
  • Web: http://www.eboshi.co.jp/ (see pull-down menu at bottom of page for automated translation options)
  • Narcissus Festival: April 19, 2019–May 31, 2019
  • Hours: 8:30 am–4:30 pm
  • Open year-round
  • Fee: ¥600 admission (Children under high school age free of charge); ropeway fares not included

2.The Himawari-no-oka Nanohana Fields of Ōsaki, Miyagi

Best viewing: Late April to early May

Himawari-no-oka, a hill some six hectares in area, spreads out through the Sanbongi area of Ōsaki, a city in the northwest part of Miyagi Prefecture. As its name suggests, the hill boasts 460,000 sunflowers (himawari) in bloom in the summer. In spring, however, the slopes are instead covered in fields of nanohana, or rapeseed flowers.

In late April, some 2 million plants blossom here all at once, resulting in the spectacle of the entire hill covered in a carpet of brilliant yellow. The contrast of this mass of flowers with the surrounding snowcapped mountain peaks and the blue of the sky overhead is unforgettable, not to mention highly Instagrammable.

The annual Nanohana Festival is scheduled to coincide with the best viewing dates of these flowers. Here, visitors can pick these edible flowers and also buy ice cream and snacks made with them.
  • Address: Himawari-no-oka, Sanbongi-saida-chiku, Ōsaki, Miyagi Prefecture
  • Access: Approx. 30 min. by Miyakō Bus from JR Furukawa Station to Sanbongi-Otonashi, then 10 min. on foot
  • Tel.: 0229-52-2112 (Ōsaki City Sanbongi General Branch Office Community Promotion Section)
  • Nanohana Festival: April 20–May 6, 2019
  • Hours: 9 am–5 pm
  • Admission: Free

3. The Abukuma Riverbed Nanohana Fields of Kakuda, Miyagi Prefecture

Best viewing: Late April to early May

From its origin near the 1,835-meter peak of Asahidake, located in the village of Nishigō, Fukushima Prefecture, the Abukuma River joins with tributaries in the Abukuma uplands and the Ōu Mountains as it flows to Miyagi Prefecture. The riverbed on the right bank of the Kakuda Bridge in Kakuda, a city in Miyagi Prefecture located along the river’s middle stretch, turns a brilliant yellow in spring, as some 2.5 million nanohana plants cultivated by a local youth group blossom. This sight combines with the flowing waters of the Abukuma River and the snowcapped Zaō Mountains to create the very definition of spectacle.

The Kakuda Nanohana Festival is scheduled for best viewing of these flowers. The 2019 festival, beginning on April 28, offers a variety of events, including sales of locally made merchandise and live Japanese drum performances. After seeing the flowers here at the Abukuma riverbed, stop in at the Kakuda Historical Library.

A short drive from these same flower fields, the library’s annual display of traditional Japanese armor takes place from late April through early May.
  • Address: Kakudabashi-ugan, Abukumagawa-kasenshiki, Kakuda, Miyagi Prefecture
  • Access: 10 min. drive from JR Kakuda Station
  • Tel.: 0224-63-2120 (Kakuda City Industry Construction Department Business and Industry Sightseeing Section)
  • Kakuda Nanohana Festival: April 28, 2019, 10 am–3 pm
  • Admission: Free


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