Robot Takes Orders At Japanese Hamburger Shop

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Hoping to reduce human contact, operator of Mos Burger shops, Mos Food Services Inc. introduced a robot that can take orders.

The company unveiled to the press on Tuesday what customer service can look like with an OriHime robot that can be remotely controlled by people with disabilities who have difficulty leaving their homes.

Mos Food Services expects the robot will not only help reduce human contact amid the coronavirus, but also help solve labor shortages.

A trial run of using the robot will be held at the Mos Burger Osaki shop in Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo, from Monday to late August. The about 20-centimeter-robot near the cash register recommends to customers items featured and asks if they want to do takeout.

A disabled person who has difficulty getting out of the house uses a computer to operate the robot and respond to customers from a distance. The company plans to utilize the results of the experiment in drive-through operations and in wait services with a self-propelled robot.

The company intends to begin these experiments as early as fiscal 2020.
“We would like to balance dealing with the labor shortage while still providing warm service,” the company official said.

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