Quick, Get Me Out Of This Video Call! The Emergency Escape Gadget We All Need

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Skype calls, FaceTime, Zoom meetings. It goes without saying that being able to communicate with others using online video calls has made our lives so much easier. We can now socialize, work, and study all from the comfort of our home – something that is especially great for us during the COVID-19 pandemic where we really want to limit our time spent outdoors.

But let’s face it. There’s nothing quite worse than being stuck and feeling bored in one of those online meetings. You’ve definitely been in at least one of the following situations:
  1. Being stuck in a never-ending work video conference/meeting.
  2. Trying to stay/look awake during a dull online lecture/lesson. 
  3. Having to explain video calls to a family member/relative who doesn’t quite understand how it works, keeps asking you billions of questions, and shouts “Can you hear me? Hello, HELLO?” because they think you won’t be able to hear them otherwise.
  4. You agreed to participate in an air nomikai (online drinking party), only to find that your friend/colleague has had a little too much to drink and won’t stop going on about their ex. (Move on already!)

In these scenarios, all you wish for is a magic escape button to quickly get you out of the video call before you completely lose it. Well, you won’t have to think “If only…” for much longer!

You will now be able to exit those dreaded video chats with the Loading Circle Online Meeting Emergency Escape Machine. This excellent little invention designed by Marina Fujiwara fakes a frozen screen so you can leave without hurting, embarrassing, or offending the other person/people in the video chat.

And it’s very easy to use. Simply press the switch and the physical replica of the “loading circle icon” pops up. Just make sure to hold your facial expression as you log out of the video chat – you certainly don’t want to give yourself away!

Some may think it a useless gadget. But I think it a slightly crazy but perfect device to make your sweet escape. Give it a go!


The Loading Circle Online Meeting Emergency Escape Machine is available now internationally from Japan Trend Shop.


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