Make Your New Year Sweet With This Pokémon X Baskin Robbins Collaboration

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Say goodbye to your New Year’s resolution to eat less ice cream!

Happy New Year! If you’re anything like us at SoraNews24, you’ve spent the winter holidays vegging out, eating anything and everything you can lay your hands on. You might be trying to shift that winter weight, but if you’re a Pokémon fan who loves ice cream, we’ve got some bad news for you.

Baskin Robbins is launching a collaboration with Pokémon with the Variety Pack. The Variety Pack is a bright red box with an assortment of Pokémon on the front, such as series favourites Pikachu and Eevee. 

And with every purchase of the Variety Pack, you can get your hands on a limited-edition made-in-Japan Pokémon dish! There are four different designs to choose from, each with different Pokémon featured.
▼ You can choose from this plate featuring Pikachu playing with Eevee


▼ …or this plate featuring Pikachu and legendary bird Ho-Oh.


▼ Finally, Pikachu and the elusive Pokémon Mew.


Pikachu and Dedenne feature on this plate, which is perfect for 2020 – the Year of the Rat.


The number of dishes you can get depends on the size of the order that you make –

If you order a small pack with six scoops of ice cream (1,550 yen [US$14.26]), you can get one dish.
Regular-sized pack of six (2,130 yen) – two dishes
Small-sized pack of twelve (2,990 yen) – three dishes
Regular-sized pack of twelve (4,140 yen) – four dishes

You can get your hands on the plates at Baskin Robbins stores across Japan until January 13, or until stocks run out. And if twelve scoops of ice cream isn’t enough to satisfy your need for sweet Pokémon goods, check out Mister Donut’s 2020 lucky bags.


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