Crafts Center in Southern Japan Creates Miniature Furniture For Cats

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There’s an old joke that the Japanese internet comprises 50% food and 50% cats.

This campaign by Okawa City probably won’t do much to change this reputation: it’s clearly made to indulge feline fans everywhere. And there isn’t anything wrong with that.

Furniture makers created genuine furniture scaled down to be the ideal size for cats. If you’ve ever wanted to see a cat getting comfy on a miniature sofa or bed built perfectly for pets to enjoy, then this is the publicity campaign for you. If that doesn’t scream “clickbait,” then you’re probably missing a pulse.


The gimmick is intended to show off the craftsmanship of Okawa in Fukuoka Prefecture, where many furniture manufacturers are located.


The ad also reminds us of this Yutaka Foods commercial from a couple of years ago that created a series of intricate miniature models.


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