Balloon-Like UFO Spotted In Skies Above Northeastern Japan

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An unidentified white balloon-like object was observed by residents in northeastern Japan on Wednesday morning, with many directing enquiries to the national meteorological agency's local branch and taking to Twitter to voice their excitement.

An official from the Japan Meteorological Agency's Sendai office in Miyagi Prefecture confirmed that it was not an item flown by the agency, saying, "We checked with the Sendai municipal government and the Self-Defense Forces, but they have no idea either."

According to the agency, calls about a mysterious floating object began arriving around 7 a.m. A cross-shaped item, described by an agency official as resembling some type of observational equipment, could be seen hanging from the sphere.

The transport ministry's office at Sendai airport said there had been no requests for flying an aerial vehicle as per aviation law.

"As (the object) is not on any flight paths, it will not impact aircraft operations, but we will continue to keep an eye on it," an official at the office said.

On Twitter, one user asked "Could it be a UFO?" while another said, "It looks like a hot air balloon."


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