Japan Plans To Issue Vaccination Certificates To Students Wishing To Study Abroad

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Students planning to study abroad may soon receive vaccination certificates arranged by the education ministry.

Many universities abroad are now requiring students to have received COVID-19 vaccine shots.

The government plan calls for students who need proof of vaccination to send documents to the Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Ministry, which will check the destination and purpose of enrolling in a university abroad. The students will then receive the required doses at a university vaccination venue.

After receiving the full course of shots, the ministry will issue certificates in English in the name of the education, culture, sports, science and technology minister.

The ministry wants to swiftly implement the vaccinations so that students can meet the required dates for enrolling in autumn, when many universities abroad start their academic year.

Details of the practical procedures for the applications are being compiled.

The government has already announced that it is allowing universities to inoculate teachers, officials and students starting June 21.

So far, Hiroshima University and Osaka University have announced that they will start giving vaccine shots from the designated day.

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