Japan May Reduce Quarantine To Three Days For Vaccinated Business Travellers

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Reduced from the current ten days, the new Covid-19 quarantine rule could go into effect from Monday

Japan is slowly starting to open back up as opening-hour restrictions have finally been lifted on businesses in Tokyo amid a decline in nationwide Covid-19 cases over the past month.

As reported by The Japan Times, the government is now looking to reduce quarantine times for fully vaccinated business travellers coming into Japan to three days from the current ten days.

Nikkei reports that the shorter quarantine time won't apply to tourists, who are still largely banned from entering the country, but it will apply to Japanese citizens and residents returning from business trips overseas.

Foreign students may also be included in the more relaxed quarantine rules.

The government has yet to officially announce the change in policy, but the new three-day quarantine could go into effect as soon as next Monday November 8


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